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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we pride ourselves on being a premier outsourcing partner for organizations and tertiary institutions looking to outsource lecture transcription services. These transcriptions can be filed away for future use in the form of examination prep, fine-tuning lectures, or they can be made accessible to differently abled students who process information better in text format. BOP has over ten years of experience in the industry as well as a workforce that is well-versed in advanced transcription techniques.

We use state-of-the-art listening and capture tools that help to increase efficiency while simultaneously boosting affordability for our customers. Each one of our transcriptionists has extremely fine-tuned listening skills, with the ability to discern a wide range of accents. With our flexible data upload and download methods, customers can enjoy completely streamlined interactions with our transcribers. BOP ensures that the outsourcing experience is far more budget-friendly than hiring and training permanent staff.

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Lecture Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, our expert team members are backed by the following lecture recording transcription skill sets:

  • Minimum of a 4-year Bachelor’s degree or equivalent tertiary qualification in languages, linguistics, or any similar related subject.
  • Native proficiency in the target transcription language to ensure all the appropriate linguistic nuances of the lecture are captured.
  • Experience in working with a variety of different lecture transcripts from 1-person lectures to multiple-speaker sessions.
  • Experience with both full verbatim transcriptions and non-verbatim transcriptions along with the innate ability to note down the most pivotal points in the lecture.
  • In-depth understanding of the lecturers subject matter and any subject-related terminology.
  • Advanced typing speed of over 70 WPM and a minimum of 98% accuracy.

Lecture Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

  • Online Lecture Transcription Open distance learning is becoming more prevalent in the Digital Age. As a result, professors and teachers are posting more and more lecture content online. We develop transcripts that can be used in a supplementary capacity to the audio or video lecture content posted online.
  • Recorded Lecture Transcripts Whether the lectures are pre-recorded or recorded live, we can transcribe the content into any format you require. A printed record can be used to build future lecture content or develop supplementary slides, worksheets, or even tests that will aid students in absorbing the information better.
  • Recorded Archive Transcription Our teams can tackle libraries full of lecture transcriptions - often recorded tapes of visiting intellectuals and professors from the past. Because our teams are scalable, we can handle any library of recordings, no matter its size.
  • Discussion Panel Transcription Successfully transcribing a panel discussion can be tricky as the recording is comprised of multiple voices with varied accents and speaking styles asking questions, giving answers, and stating their views. To provide accurate transcriptions, our experts need to have a keen ear for differentiating between all the voices involved.
  • Event Lecture Transcription Lectures are often the focal point of academic events and as such require accurate transcripts to be developed quickly and efficiently, to be made available to attendees directly after the event. Our expert team can deliver time-sensitive transcripts well within the desired time-frame and can even complete the task while the lecture is happening in real time.

Benefits of Availing
Our Lecture Transcription Services

BackOffice Pro is an industry-leading provider of the highest quality lecture transcription services. Benefits of outsourcing to us include:

  • Learning Enhancement Lecture transcriptions give students unparalleled clarity and understanding of the subject matter. Our attention to detail ensures that lectures are fully encompassed in a written format.
  • Rise Above Technical Challenges When lectures are broadcast, recorded, or made available online, technical challenges can affect any part of the process. Quality transcriptions allow for a full understanding of the lecture, even when issues arise.
  • Productive Content Development When you have accurate transcriptions of a lecture, you can use the text to create notes, summaries, and various other supporting media types.
  • Enhance SEO When hosting recorded lectures online or streaming them live, having quality transcriptions allows for SEO optimization, which makes your content searchable.
  • Global Accessibility Transcriptions of lectures are indispensable to learners with sensory, learning, or language barrier difficulties. These valued learners will be able to understand and draw value from your lectures.
  • Points of Discussion Discussion fuels progress, and accurate transcriptions of your lecture allow for seamless displays of key points and noteworthy sections.


Lecture Transcription Services That Are Worth Every Penny With BOP

When you’re looking to outsource lecture transcription, our expert team provides the ideal solution. Unlike every other lecture transcription company out there, we don’t charge exorbitant fees for any of our outsourcing projects.

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