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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is one of the significant legal transcription companies providing scrupulous jury instruction transcription services to legal professionals worldwide. We transcribe the set of legal rules governing the jury members about their conduct while discussing and deciding on a case with the burden of proof. The jury instruction transcription at BOP instructs the jurors to avoid prejudices, if any, during the case for a fair trial. Outsource jury instruction transcription services to BOP in India for an efficient jury control procedure.

BOP’s legal transcriptionists create accurate records of these court instructions to be referred by the attorneys and all other legal entities involved in the case. With decades of experience, we have been providing legal transcription with efficiency and attention to detail. Contact us to know more about our jury instruction transcription services and discuss your requirements.

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Jury Instruction Transcription Services Skills Sets at BOP

As a renowned jury instruction transcription company offering legal transcription services, BackOffice Pro has an experienced team of legal transcriptionists offering precise jury instruction transcriptions possessing the following skills:

  • Highly experienced in drafting and creating legal documents possessing a high typing speed of 50-60 words per minute.
  • Dexterous in transcribing court proceedings, civil and criminal jury instructions with precision.
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of the state law, various legal terminologies, and abbreviations
  • Experienced in working with the latest legal transcription software
  • Adept in transcribing legal documents like a subpoena, pleading, appellate, discovery, arbitration, etc., with accuracy.

Jury Instruction Transcription Services at BOP

We proudly offer jury instruction services with the audio or video recordings of the directions to the jury and render an utterly professional record for the court. Our jury instruction transcription services include:

  • Civil Jury Instruction BOP’s transcription of civil jury instructions can be collected as an intended guide for legal parties involved in the court case. Attorneys and other legal entities may use our jury transcription under their complete discretion.
  • Criminal Jury Instructions At BackOffice Pro, we create accurate transcriptions for pre-trial and during the trial instructions, the final charge to the jury, and any supplemental instructions they may receive, which are intended towards a fair trial.
  • Contract & Business Jury Instructions We provide transcriptions of the standard jury instructions for the country’s supreme court’s contract and business. Our transcription helps legal professionals to approach a fair trial.

Benefits of Jury Instruction Transcription Services at BOP

BackOffice Pro, as your outsourcing partner, provides impeccable standards for the requirements on jury instruction transcription services, maintaining data security and confidentiality. We are devoted to all of our legal clientele and accommodate personalized requests on transcription formatting and style. Below are some of the benefits we offer along with our services:

  • Word-for-word verbatim transcription of the court records and jury instruction.
  • Jury instruction transcription in a custom template that is based on the court requirement.
  • Transcription services within the timeframe that would suit your requirements
  • Transcriptions in various languages as per case requirements


Guide the Jury with Instructions to Follow on the Verdict Delivery

Being the top jury instruction transcription company, BOP transcriptionists are highly experienced in offering legal transcription services to law firms in various geographies with a deep understanding of the diverse country law. With an eye for detail valuing the sensitivity, we deliver the jury instruction transcription with much precision and confidentiality within the timeline. Contact BOP to discuss your requirements and know how we can assist you with jury instruction transcription services, court report transcription services, etc.