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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is the best destination in India to outsource investigation transcription requirements for thousands of surveillance tapes and recordings created during investigations. We aim to lighten our legal clients' loads and help them achieve their professional goals with the expertise and the decade of experience we possess. Our flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model is well built to accommodate the transcription needs of all volumes.

As your back-office partner, we provide comprehensive investigation transcriptions to private investigators, law firms, police departments, detectives, etc., with 100% accuracy, complying with all the ISO guidelines. Ensuring confidentiality, we deliver investigation transcription within the budget and the timeframe.

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Investigation Transcription Skills Sets at BOP

As one of the significant companies providing investigation transcription services in India, our reputation and work ethic speaks for themselves. We have long standing clients who come from worldwide who outsource investigation transcription needs to us and get quality output with the strong skill sets as below:

  • Proficient in transcribing accident, interviews and interrogation reports, crime and forensic investigation
  • Expert in preparing legal documents possessing a typing speed of around 50-60 words per minute
  • Expert in transcribing various legal documents such as pleading, appellate, discovery, investigation reports, and so on
  • In-depth knowledge and understanding of various legal terminologies and abbreviations, along with the state law, etc.

Investigation Transcription Services at BOP

We know the importance of the investigation transcription for our legal clients. We aim to provide the best and accurate documents that are ready for analysis when you outsource investigation transcription requirements to us. Our investigation transcription services include transcription and translation of the following:

  • Accident Reports Investigators frequently take care of fire and motor accident reports. At BOP, we understand the critical nature of the investigation documents, and we provide same-day documentation upon request.
  • Crime Scene & Forensic Investigations With BOP, get accurate crime scene and forensic investigation transcriptions with a precise transcription of the legal jargon.
  • Wire-Tap Conversations At Back Office Pro, we know that wire-tap conversations aren't always recorded under idyllic circumstances. Still, our transcription specialists decipher the dialogues in less-than-ideal recording situations.
  • Interviews & Interrogations We guarantee to provide transcription of the police interviews of the suspect, witness interviews, and interrogations with speed and accuracy with special formatting on request.
  • Confession Tapes BOP experts deliver you an accurate transcription for the confession tapes or other investigation transcriptions on the desired templates.

Benefits of Outsourcing Investigation Transcription at BOP

On selecting BackOffice Pro to outsource investigation transcription requirements, you're choosing the best company providing investigation transcription services in India. We guarantee client satisfaction, quality output, accuracy at reasonable turnaround times, along with the following benefits:

  • Comply with all the legal standards keeping the investigation transcription ready for reference
  • Get accurate and word-to-word transcription of every investigation report
  • Transcribe the investigations in various languages based on the requirements
  • Prepare the investigation transcription on templates that cater to the needs


Get Accurate Investigation Transcription from BOP for Final Analysis 

The investigation transcription service at BOP is designed to meet the customized requirements of the legal clients based on the case and court orders. We offer transcription services for police investigations, FBI investigations, etc., with scalable options and faster turnaround time. Contact us to know the process to outsource investigation transcription requirements and how we can assist you in your legal documentation.