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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we assist publishing agencies, professional writers, and research firms with book transcription services. As a back-office support team, we have an experienced workforce to help with meticulous tracking of records and notes when you outsource book transcription services to us.

Following ISO certified process, we have built up a team of linguists who assist businesses with accurate and detailed book transcription services. By allowing us to help transcribe recordings, we make it easier for clients to analyze their work. Many authors choose to record themselves speaking instead of sitting in front of a computer screen or a blank piece of paper in a bid to voice ideas freely without getting bogged down by grammar and punctuation.

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Book Transcription Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

When it comes to outsourcing book transcription services, with a team of specialized book transcriptionists, BOP delivers custom-made solutions for each client. Some of our key skillsets include:

  • Highly advanced grammar, spelling, and proofreading skills.
  • First language proficiency and ability to proofread and edit their own work.
  • Expert-level typing speed of at least 70 WPM, as well as knowledge of global transcription standards, including Jefferson notation.
  • Highly Trained In Industry Standard Software including ANVIL Cielo24, CLAN, ELAN, EXMARaLDA, f4transkript, Interact-AS, Praat, Transcriber, and Voxcribe.
  • Extensive experience with timestamping and speaker identification formats.
  • Experience working with both fiction and non-fiction books across all genres.

Book Transcription Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

Using our years of experience, we make it easy for any of our clients to access world-class transcription services, we work hand in hand with our clients and Taylor make our solutions to suit you. Our services include:

  • Book Dictation We help authors make progress on their books faster, easier, and more conveniently, by recording and dictating their content instead of typing it.
  • Author’s Notes Author’s notes recordings, thoughts, and comments are quickly transcribed to backtrace on thought processes.
  • Audio Book Transcriptions We accurately transcribe audio books to develop detailed, accurate content to be used for future study or as a reference point.
  • Collective Authors Transcriptions Our expert transcribers are able to create book transcripts of group writing projects that accurately reflect the collective voice.
  • Thought Leadership Transcriptions We transcribe books for trainers, counselors, teachers, ministers, and believers who have a significant message to share but are not equipped with the time or skill to write the texts themselves.

Benefits of Availing
Our Book Transcription Services

There are many benefits to be had by outsourcing transcription services, At BackOffice Pro we concentrate on making these benefits accessible to you, and this is some of the ways of how we do this:

  • We Can Work On An Ongoing Basis We offer dedicated transcribers for authors and projects which are under development. This ensures a consistent output and more efficiency.
  • Speedy Project Delivery It takes a professional transcriber far less time to type in a certain recording, with outstanding results in terms of errors, formatting, and indexing.
  • Work Anywhere The creative process most authors undertake will not need to be based on technical and location constraints such as writing when you are at your desk. Books can still be written in remote locations, or on the go.
  • Google Compatible Google likes content and transcripts of audio and video are better for SEO than audio or video, we can assist you with dictating your content and use transcripts for blog posts.
  • Possible Publication Assistance turned into a book, transcription is the single most effective way to take the first step towards publishing.


BOP Makes high-Quality Book Transcription Services Possible

At BackOffice Pro we are serious about what we do. We have over a decade of experience in the business of outsourcing transcription services. By creating a transparent straightforward working relationship with our clients, we are able to deliver custom-tailored services to suit your needs, save you time and cut costs.

Our team is always available to assist with guidance and insight, don't hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form on our website.