Outsource Board Meetings Transcription to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP), the top destination to outsource board meeting transcription, boasts supporting global corporations with invaluable and essential transcription services. With the highly skilled team of transcriptionists, we work as you’re your back-office partner, keeping the record of every word spoken in the meetings. We have various and flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) engagement models to meet the different project volumes and sizes, speeding up the turnaround time.

Board meetings are usually made available to the public through the quorum of the board members. Adhering to the ISO standards, we undergo multilayered quality checks, assisting you in keeping an accurate record of the board meetings from start to finish. Outsource board meeting transcription to the BOP to preserve meeting content in text format.

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Board Meeting Transcription Skills Sets at BOP

BackOffice Pro, as one of the renowned companies providing board meeting transcription services in India, is backed by an experienced team of transcriptionists with extensive knowledge in the field and superior typing speed. We deliver high-quality transcription when you outsource board meeting transcription to us. Here is the list of skill sets we possess:

  • Possess an advanced listening skill to understand the speech, with various accents
  • Adept in demonstrating language proficiency while interpreting the words and putting them across in the right context
  • Mastery in spelling, grammar, punctuation to create flawless transcription documents
  • Strong working experience with the latest transcription software
  • In-depth knowledge of business and industry-specific terminologies

Board Meeting Transcription Services at BOP

Creating a word-for-word transcription is an excellent resource for your records. Outsource board meeting transcription to properly document every moment of your meeting, including unresolved business, the financial report, new business, presentations, and potential votes regarding current issues. Check the list of services we provide:

  • Audio/Video Meeting Transcription The highly experienced experts at BOP transcribe your audio and video recordings of the regular board meetings accurately and deliver them in the desired file formats.
  • Teleconference Meeting Transcription Outsource board meeting transcription to us to get a precise transcription of the teleconferences among the quorum of the board members through web-conference.
  • Annual General Transcription Annual General Meeting is one of the most critical meetings in a company held every year. Get precise transcription of the meeting to keep a record of the discussions on audit, company review, fiscal records, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Board Meeting Transcription at BOP

By selecting BackOffice Pro, a renowned company providing board meeting transcription services in India, you're choosing a professional team with the highest standards. When you outsource board meeting transcription to us, we guarantee client satisfaction, high-quality output along with the benefits below:

  • Get an account of the entire meeting, interviews, and panel discussion in text formats
  • Keep track of everything discussed in the meeting in an organized manner
  • Conserve your meeting recordings so that they can be easily referred while making difficult decisions
  • Use the vital meeting inputs from the transcription for creating training materials


Outsource Board Meeting Transcription to Keep a Record Every Discussion Precisely

Transcription is a crucial process during or after a board meeting. It serves as an important document recording every word spoken by each member present in the meeting. Outsourcing to BackOffice Pro helps you keep a clear and accurate transcription of the board meetings identifying every single word and distinguishing the speakers. Contact us today to know about our different business transcription services, such as real-time transcription, minutes of meeting transcription, webcast transcription, and so on, and understand the process to outsource board meeting transcription needs.