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BackOffice Pro (BOP) takes pride in providing exceptional and accurate documents when you outsource arbitration transcription requirements to us. With a decade of experience in legal transcription, cost-effective pricing, and rapid turnaround times, we are trusted by our legal clients for their transcription needs. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model, we enable our clients to scale up and down resources based on their transcription volumes.

Since arbitration plays a crucial role in resolving disputes outside the court, we ensure complete confidentiality and accuracy following the ISO measures. Serving as your back-office partner, the transcriptionists at BOP commensurate to all the legal specifications and other prerequisites to ensure accuracy and high quality.

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Arbitration Transcription Skills Sets at BackOffice Pro

Being one of the renowned companies providing arbitration transcription services in India, BackOffice Pro, with its highly experienced team of legal transcription deliver accurate documents with a command over the following skills when you outsource arbitration transcription:

  • Highly experienced in transcribing court-appointed arbitrations, grievance arbitrations, letter of discipline, bargaining agreement, etc.
  • Proficient in drafting and preparing legal documents with a high typing speed of around 50-60 words per minute.
  • Adept knowledge and understanding of the legal terminologies, abbreviations, state law, etc
  • Expert in transcribing legal documents such as pleading, appellate, subpoena, discovery, and more with high precision

Arbitration Transcription Services at BOP

We deliver an accurate output when you outsource arbitration transcription requirements to us. As one of the best transcription companies providing arbitration transcription services in India, we also provide translated documents for your clientele. Our arbitration transcription services include the following:

  • Court Appointed Arbitration Get verbatim transcriptions from BOP, catching every word of the arbitration, including administrative orders, rules, and regulations.
  • Bargaining Agreements BOP provides exceptional quality transcriptions that reflect your conflict resolution and bargaining agreements.
  • Independent Arbitration The skilled staff at BOP are specialized transcriptionists who capture and create highly polished documents that showcase the negotiations and mediating dialogue.
  • Court Report and Proceedings Get precise court reports and proceedings transcription from the BOP transcriptionists that include every detail of the arbitration, trials, court orders.

Benefits of Outsourcing Arbitration Transcription to BackOffice Pro

Back Office Pro, as your back-office partner to outsource arbitration transcription, provides the best legal transcription services in India with impeccable standards while maintaining confidentiality. We deliver accurate legal transcription along with the correct formatting and style on request. Check out the benefits you get on outsourcing arbitration transcription to us:

  • Get word-by-word verbatim transcription of the arbitrations, bargaining agreement, courtroom proceedings
  • Keep the arbitration transcription ready within the deadline complying with all legal standards
  • Translate the arbitration transcription in different languages as per the requirements
  • Get the custom template for the arbitration transcription based on the court requirements


Get Detailed and Precise Arbitration Transcription Just on Time

Being one of the top companies offering arbitration transcription services in India, the highly experienced transcriptionists at BOP support law firms worldwide with arbitration transcriptions, court report transcription, subpoenas transcription, and more. Contact BOP to discuss your requirements and know how to outsource arbitration transcription to us; we can assist you with arbitration transcription.