Outsource Equity Research Services

As an outsourcing partner, BackOffice Pro (BOP) provides back-office assistance to research companies with additional equity research support. With carefully designed flexible engagement models, BOP offers to hire its financial analysts on a full-time or ad-hoc project basis for any equity research requirements.

BOP has a highly experienced team of financial analysts that has handled thousands of financial analysis projects and offers data-driven financial insights through in-depth analysis of investment opportunities. On outsourcing equity research services to BOP, research firms can avail the benefits of having a skilled workforce during the time of high project influx without worrying about scaling up the internal team.

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BOP’s Equity Research Skillsets

BOP assists research firms with both buy-side and sell-side equity research services, and have a team backed by the following skillsets:

  • Degree in Finance, Economics, Commerce or Accounting, with working experience in Quantitative Finance, Statistical analysis, or related quantitative disciplines.
  • CFA or CPA certifications, and securities licenses, with extensive experience in Financial Services Capacity which includes Investment Banking, Capital Markets, M&A, and Equity.
  • A clear understanding of financial analysis and the related investment process.
  • Experience in detailed financial modeling, including historical and forecasts, financial risk analysis and financial statement analysis.
  • Extremely proficient in the use of Excel and other data processing tools, including MATLAB, Scilab, Python, and R.
  • Highly proficient in the writing of company profiles, earning notes, quarterly updates, initiating coverage reports, sector reports, technology primers, Theme-based reports, and similar documents.
  • Well-versed in collecting relevant financial data via investment data and analysis services, which include Bloomberg, Cap IQ, FactSet, Thomson Reuters Datastream, and Eikon.
  • Skilled in extracting data by using risk applications such as Barra, Northfield, and Axioma.
  • Capable of understanding and analyzing industry and company trends to form solid investment arguments
  • Impressive quantitative and analytical skills and a comprehensive understanding of valuation techniques.
  • Familiar working with fundamental, expectational, and market data.
  • Financial Modeling We offer evaluation models for Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), dividend discount, residual income, Economic Value Added (EVA), comparative analyses, and sell-side research validation.
  • Sensitivity Analysis Our team tests the cross-sensitivity of key figures such as EBITDA, EPS, cash flow and shares pricing information through sensitivity analysis, ensuring that the companies in question can cope with any changes that might occur.
  • Comparable Company Analysis By comparing company financials and variables from EV to EBIDTA with that of peer firms, we help businesses take the necessary steps for planning the expansion and growth.
  • IPO Analysis Our analysts assist companies in discovering how they are subscribed by their investors and provides data-driven insights regarding the real-world market sentiments for them.

Equity Research Services We Offer

  • Net Present Value Analysis By employing Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) and Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) analysis, we help to provide necessary financial information that scales company revenues back to Net Present value.
  • Company Research We complete a detailed qualitative analysis of the company's business, its industry segment, operations, products and services, and management. We also shoulder the burden of quantitative analysis, including financial models, segment analysis, and multiple valuation approaches.
  • SWOT Analysis We research both offensive and defensive strategies for clients, helping them to gain a better understanding of their current and potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses.
  • Corporate Governance and ESG Analysis Our team offers in-depth research, ratings, and analysis of the environmental, social and governance-related business practices of thousands of companies around the globe.

Benefits of BOP Equity Research Services

The benefits of our equity research services are virtually limitless. In addition to our team’s commitment to timely delivery, thorough and accurate results, and total transparency throughout each project, outsourcing equity research services to Back office Pro offers the following benefits:

  • Avail our team’s equity research experience across several industries and geographies.
  • Equity research can be time-consuming. Working as real-time virtual support with all the data-collection stages of this process, we leave the more strategic part of the project in the capable hands of our clients.
  • Outsourcing these financial research services enables clients to scale up or down with their business, thus responding successfully (and punctually) to peak times and larger-than-normal projects.
  • Our network of data sources, software tools, and infrastructure is above and beyond what is offered by a non-specialized agency.
  • Flexible pricing and contracts, including hourly-based, virtual team members, and FTEs, ensure that clients get the best possible value for money and services that are completely tailored to their needs.
  • We are of the firm belief that our success is determined by the client’s success. As such we are open to long-term partnerships and aim to be the most reliable partner for years to come.
  • We hold our operations to the highest standards. This includes confidentiality, legal frameworks, ISO certified project management, and data security policies.


Contact us to find out how we can assist you with our flexible and accurate equity research services. Our financial analyst team is ready and waiting to take on projects of any size or scope. Fill in our online form and one of our highly experienced project managers will get back to you within one business day.