Market Research Service Helps European Precision Instrument Manufacturer Map Dealers Across India

Market Research at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a famous market research company in India supporting the market research needs of the global clients looking for target market analysis, customer analysis, demand analysis, market risk analysis, trend analysis, and much more. We are trusted with various global companies to assist them in conducting market research for them.


About the Client – European Precision Instrument Manufacturer

The client, based in Europe, is one of the foremost manufacturers of precision instruments. The client approached Back Office Pro to assess our expertise in Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). They were particularly interested in our market research or online research services division.

Objective of the Market Research Project

The client was strategizing to foray in the Indian market for which they needed a bona fide data and a detailed report on the Indian dealers dealing with similar or identical products to the precision instrument products. They wanted thorough market research and dealer mapping report.





5000 contacts


Client’s Proprietary Software

Client’s Challenges Prior to the Market Research Support

The client was facing challenges in conducting market research in India for dealer mapping and in compiling a report with 5,000 such dealers across the country along with their contact information. They needed this massive amount of details to be gathered and amassed in a report within a short time. The client had picked us for our exceptionally equipped team to handle this challenging assignment and our competitive pricing.

Custom Market Research at BackOffice Pro

BackOffice Pro team is well versed in the intricacies of the local market. A decade of experience in dealing with a similar project for a wide range of clients had given us a unique understanding and edge.

We were able to complete an exhaustive dossier on the contact information of various Indian precision instrument dealers well within the stipulated time frame. The accuracy of the information was also validated by the client’s verifying system designed to detect duplicate entries.

Market Research Project Outcomes

Our precise market research came in for very high praise by the client. Among the many immediate benefits that the client was able to accrue with our work were:

  • They were able to avoid the heavy expenses on the in-house team and received the market research report at a competitive rate.
  • Our expertise in the local market, along with the heavy workforce deployment on online research, gave our outcome an international standard.
  • Our database was validated by their confirmation system and passed the test with flying colors, which was of immense satisfaction for both the client and us.
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