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Back Office Pro (BOP) is a reputed back-office support provider that caters specifically to professional photographers and photo studios worldwide. At BOP, we aid internal editing teams during project influxes or skill shortages with back-office support.

Our skilled professionals deal with unexpected blemishes, lighting problems, or other issues that mar an otherwise perfect photo with a wide range of artistic filters.

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BOP's Image Manipulation Services

Back Office Pro offers a complete range of outsourcing image manipulation services, including:

Auto Image Manipulation

We provide a full range of auto image manipulation services such as cropping and enlarging, edge removal, and more.

Artistic Conversions

Our artistic conversion services include taking an image and converting it into an oil painting format, pencil sketch format, and more.

People Insertion

We offer accurate and useful people insertion services that can help you add a missing person to an image at a later date.

Red Eye and Eye Color

At Back Office Pro, our image editing specialists expertly remove "red eye effects" that change the coloring of eyes in images.

Background Replacement

We effectively cut out your images' existing background and replace it with another that matches your requirement.

Cropping and Enlarging

We have the expertise to crop an image down to the essentials and enlarge it without distortion to create a powerful and compelling appearance.

Edge Removal

Our edge removal services include the removal of jagged edges or any other distortion from an image among our bucket of specialty offerings.

Object Removal/Placement

To make your image more effective, we expertly remove or place objects from your images, as per requirements.

Spot/Wrinkle Removal

Blemishes ruin the effect of a valuable image. At BOP, we effectively remove spots/wrinkles to enhance the quality of your images.


Our experienced photo editing experts provide copyright protection for your images through entirely invisible watermarks, which would be extremely difficult for an infringer to misuse them.

Back Office Pro's Digital
Photo Manipulation Skillsets

BOP’s image editing specialists follow ISO quality processes for our image manipulation back office support. Our image manipulation team has the following skill sets:

Skills Sets
  • Skilled image editing professionals with a Diploma or Degree in Graphic Design, (Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Media and Communication, Master of Communication Design, Advanced Diploma in Graphic Design, etc.) minimum two-five years of experience in a similar environment
  • Ability to draw precision vector cuts and create clean white or transparent backgrounds, and image tracing
  • Highly organized with good time management skills to manage multiple projects and timelines
  • Strong knowledge and experience contouring hair and grass, creating shadows, adjusting/removing reflections,and highlights.
  • Able to cut out noisy, blurry, faint backgrounds with ease
  • Proven expertise and working knowledge of the latest image manipulation editing tools including Adobe Photoshop, and LightRoom
  • Ability to execute clipping path, masking, transparent background, lighting, and contrast adjustments, refine image edges, handle noise, adjust contrast, correct blur, etc.

Our Work Samples

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Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

The key to image manipulation is that your customers or clients should never be aware of it. Our benefits include but are not limited to the below:

  • Qualified Professionals All our image editors are well trained and have prior photo manipulation experience. They undertake scheduled training from time to time to keep their skills sharp and incorporate the latest techniques on every project.
  • Quality Checks We adhere strictly to ISO standards, and our quality assurance team conducts multi-tier quality checks to ensure the quality is of the highest standard.
  • One stop Image Manipulation At BOP, we skillfully manipulate any image to create the desired results, from simple edits to complex retouching and manipulation BOP can assist with any need.
  • Turnaround Time Our minimal turnaround time depends entirely on the scope of a project.

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