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At BackOffice Pro (BOP), we aid photographers, portrait studios, art galleries, web designers, online stores, etc., looking to outsource high-end retouching tasks to India. Our editors and retouches assist internal image editing teams with professional photo retouching including editing of newborn, wedding, portrait editing and more.

Our skilled resources edit frame by frame and ensure custom color correction, lighten/darken studio backgrounds, match skin tones, whiten teeth, remove small objects, offer a slim reduction, skin retouching, and more. They also straighten horizons on every image, ensure detail in the shadows, do basic dodging and burning, small blemish removal (few pimples or scars), lighten faces and more.

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High End Retouching Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

Our image editors have years of experience in design and image editing and assist internal teams with photo retouching for every imperfection, blemish, and trick of the light preserved on film or in pixels. At BOP, our high-end retouching team follows ISO quality processes and has the following skill sets:

  • Skilled image editing professionals with a Diploma or Degree in Graphic Design, minimum 2-5 years of relevant experience
  • Able to lighten/darken studio backgrounds, match skin tones, whiten teeth, retouch skin, reduce wrinkles and lines.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop
  • Experience in working with background removal, background change, cropping, skin retouching, beauty enhancements, color correction, correcting noise, adjusting contrast, blur, etc.
  • Well versed in temperature/tint, exposure, contrast, highlight recovery, shadow recovery, white/black clipping, tone curves adjustment, specific color adjustments, noise reduction, and lens correction.
  • Able to achieve consistent results that match design requirements every time
  • Experience in the photography industry
  • Ability to cull shoots, color correct images, retouch skin, retouch entire albums and more.
  • An eye for detail, visually aesthetic and able to deliver to short time periods
  • Able to construct image results pixel-by-pixel, meticulously teasing out every single detail along with your object boundary
  • Able to create beautifully clipped results with natural edges impossible to achieve using other tools
  • Ability to use a dedicated hair tool to separate hair from clean and distinct backgrounds
  • Highly organized with good time management skills to manage multiple projects and timelines
  • Highly proficient in Adobe Photoshop – Layered Files, Alpha Channels, Color Profiles, Paths, Masks, etc.
  • Strong knowledge and experience contouring hair and grass, creating shadows, adjusting/removing reflections, and highlights.
  • In-depth understanding of lighting and color adjustment.
  • Ability to work from branding guidelines, understand and follow a brief
  • Working knowledge of color correction, white balance rotating, cropping, alignment, wrapping, background removal, background change, cropping, skin retouching, beauty enhancements, color correction, correcting noise, adjusting contrast, blur, etc.
  • Able to maintain consistency through appropriate smoothing and cleaning.  
  • Familiar with color control - tune brightness, shadows, highlights, the color temperature, and saturation to make otherwise lackluster photos pop
  • Adept at handling color cast removal - handle foreground tinting from non-white/gray backgrounds while protecting the true foreground colors with this unique feature
  • Able to quickly identify portrait flaws and correct wrong image alignment, distortions, etc.
  • Ability to cut out noisy, blurry, faint portrait backgrounds with ease

High End Retouching Services We Offer

BackOffice Pro is used to working with great, high-end portraits and other images. Our technical and artistic skills enable us to offer the very best results in a wide variety of services, including:

  • High–end Skin Retouching

    Blemishes, scars, dry patches – none of these represent the essence of your model in any way. Our technicians can smooth them away naturally and let the true beauty shine through.

  • Contrast and Saturation Modification

    Frequently portraits undergo wear and tear, and natural fading. Aside from this camera shots can evidence erroneous saturation and contrast. At BOP, we expertly restore color saturation and contrast to give any portrait a natural, fresh look.

  • Exposure Editing

    At BackOffice Pro, we provide fine level-editing for darker or overexposed images, to balance everything and bring the image up to expectations.

  • Hair and Makeup Alteration

    Being an experienced photo retouching company in India, we improved dull and washed out hair, and correct make-up flaws with appropriate hair color and makeup retouching.

  • Color Enhancement

    If your portraits look washed-out, we breathe vibrancy into them without affecting the look or feel of the image you’ve designed.

Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

When you’re working with high-end photos, you need to outsource high-end retouching to a qualified professional. With BOP, you gain a host of advantages including:

  • Fast Turnarounds: We put our best efforts into every job we take, delivering fast turnarounds every time.
  • Outsourcing Ease: Avail 24/6 support, get ISO quality processes, and work in your time zone.
  • Portraits Custom Effects: We expertly create perfect portraits for fashion and modeling assignments.
  • Increase Sales: Hike both online and offline sales with presentation ready photos. Our high-end retouching services cater to every business vertical and provide captivating product photos that enhance sales.


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High-end Retouching Services that Remove Every Imperfection

Call BackOffice Pro today to avail our photo retouching services, and we will take you through the engagement models and pricing structure. Fill in a contact form, call or email us, and receive a free quote within one business day.