Outsource Fashion Photo Editing to India

BackOffice Pro (BOP) is the best destination to outsource fashion photo editing requirements when it comes to retouching fashion photography. Fashion photographers, publishing agencies, and fashion models trust us as their back-office partner to create appealing fashion portfolios for models and brands. With a flexible full-time equivalent (FTE) model, we help you remove all the imperfections from your images, add depth to them and transform them into professional fashion photos.

At BOP, we offer fashion photo retouching to enhance the lighting, makeup, clothes, atmosphere, locations, background, etc., and bring out the dazzling visuals. Our fashion photo editing process entails multi-layered quality checks to ensure high-quality fashion photo enhancement. Contact us to know more about our bespoke fashion photo editing services.

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Fashion Photo Editing Skill Sets at BOP

BOP has an experienced team of image editors catering to fashion photographers. When you outsource fashion photo editing requirements to us, we transform the raw images to exclusive and perfect images that stand out in the crowd using the below skills:

  • Extensive experience in working with Photoshop, Lightroom, InDesign, Illustrator, and other leading photography tools
  • Experts in skin retouching to remove imperfections, blemishes, scars, pimples, spots, teeth whitening, etc.
  • Proficient in deleting red-eye that removes flashlight reflections from the eyes of a model
  • Adept in background change and enhancement to add a professional look
  • Expertise in removing stray hair, fur, and blur areas, as well as in adding or removing shadows
  • Expert command over adjusting color tones and temperature, as well as over and underexposed areas
  • In-depth understanding of lighting, color, sharpness, and brightness that lets us add vibrancy to the images

Fashion Photo Editing Services at BOP

BOP is one of the top companies that provide fashion photo editing services in India. We cover editing of fashion photography for men, women, sports, fitness, lifestyle, retail, beauty, health, jewelry, and diamonds. When you outsource fashion photo editing requirements to us, you get exquisite images as an output along with the following services:

  • Red-eye removal With BOP, you can remove the red-eye effects from the models’ eyes, which occurs due to a flash close to the camera lens in low light.
  • Stray Hair Removal With the fashion image editors at BOP, you can get rid of any flyway hair of the models and get a clear look.
  • Skin Retouching BOP experts clean up pimples, blemishes, and wrinkles on the skin of the models, correct the lip lines, soften the eye bags, sharpen the eyes, and smoothen the skin to give a perfect and gorgeous look to your models.
  • Teeth Whitening When you outsource your fashion photo editing needs to us, our fashion photo editors whiten and brighten teeth color using the layer mask hue/saturation adjustment layer and bestow a stunning look to the models, apt for fashion portfolio.
  • Background Removal and Enhancement We crop the subject in the image, remove, change or enhance the background, and place them again as required. We add a professional look while remastering your photos.
  • Color correction At BOP, we enhance the images with accurate color correction while adjusting the color tones, exposure, shadows, vibrancy, and adjust the saturation, contrast, sharpness, highlights, etc., to make the images flawless.
  • Clipping path Get perfect photo cut-outs with the clipping path at BOP to endow an ideal and realistic look. Our service helps in background removal and color adjustment to show swapping wardrobes and accessories on avatars, and place wardrobes and accessories on various backgrounds.
  • Hair masking We provide perfect and flawless hair masking to remove stray hair and fur, shadows, and imperfections in the models’ faces, as well as transfer opacity among different layers. We also apply or delete shadows and reflections in the images as needed along with alpha channel masking that allows you the flexibility to download and upload your files.

Benefits of Outsourcing Fashion Photo Editing Services at BOP

Being one of the most renowned image editing companies offering fashion photo editing services in India, we improve every detail of fashion photographs to deliver outstanding images. When you outsource fashion photo editing, you get the following benefits:

  • Set the right color tone for the model and the product keeping the clarity intact using the Airbrush tool.
  • Change, remove, or enhance the background and the color to highlight the model and the objects.
  • Remove wrinkles, blemishes, scars, and pimples from the models’ skin and endow perfection.
  • Get rid of creases on the apparel that the models or mannequins are made to wear to make the images unmarred.
  • Add vibrancy to the images to make them look professional and highly appealing.