Outsource Depth of Field Services to India

Acknowledged as a leading outsourcing firm in India, BackOffice Pro strives to provide new-age convenience and quality depth of field in image editing. Partnering with specialists, catering to photography, eCommerce, real estate, we can effectively enhance public perception through a deeper or sharper image view for bulk image editing requirements.

Our back-office support services help reduce pressure on your internal teams. Each of our image editing specialists is experienced with all types of depth of field editing, which ensures quality images at every stage of project progress. If you require back-office support for your overflow depth of field services, contact BackOffice Pro.

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Depth of Field Skill Sets at BackOffice Pro

At BackOffice Pro, we have specialists with a strong background in image editing requirements. Our end products are not only accurate, and of the highest possible quality, we are also able to cater to any image editing project needs, regardless of the volume and complexity.

Our highly proficient team members are equipped with the following capabilities:

  • Significant ability in image manipulation to create subject overlays and enhanced depth of field effects
  • Huge experience in deep-focus editing and high dynamic range editing in the in-depth lighting requirements like sunsets, image corrections, and enhancements
  • Proficient in image transformation techniques like rotating, clipping, and positioning when using multiple photos in one concept.
  • Adept in working with Adobe Creative Suite software using complimenting techniques.
  • Highly experienced with PhotoMechanic and Capture One, providing cutting-edge image editing services with high-quality finished products.
  • In-depth knowledge in color corrections, along with more professional attention to every detail.

Depth of Field Services Offered by BackOffice Pro

At BOP, there is a wide range of depth of field capabilities, which are guaranteed to provide leading quality and visual excellence. Some of our leading services include:

  • Wide Depth of Field Photography or Deep Focus Images Our editors provide the best deep-focus editing service. We use Photoshop and the leading image editing software to ensure your wide-angle lens photos can showcase your visions while keeping all foreground, middle-ground, and extreme-background objects in focus.
  • Small Depth of Shallow Focus Images The BOP provides professional shallow focus image editing services that exhibit the differences between sharp clarity and detail distortion by selecting the most beneficial detail or center point of your images.
  • Depth of Field Limitations BOP team overcomes the depth of field limitations by combining multiple images for greater depth, through a technique known as focus stacking. We also assist with reconstructing 3D effects by creating a depth map from multiple images.
  • Professional Object Field Calculations We provide object field calculations by taking the focal length, distance to subject, and circle of confusion size details into consideration. In cases where these factors are not favorable, we provide certain depth enhancements through wavefront coding or changing lens colors through apodization.
  • Depth of Field Image Clipping The BOP provides a professional depth of field image clipping services that take all levels of distance and subject size into consideration. In cases where your image dimensions are too different, we provide alternative background suggestions.

Benefits of Availing Depth of Field Services at BackOffice Pro

When you outsource depth of field image needs to a renowned like BOP, you are assured of the highest level of accuracy and attention to detail, with a wider variety of image editing capabilities. Some of the benefits include:

  • Get a professionally increased level of depth perception, or two-dimensional images projecting three-dimensional scenes.
  • Get an enhanced image emphasis on a particular plane or subject while prioritizing your image distance and detail significance, including a wide depth of field photography.
  • Get a better subject display, thereby generating images that draw attention to where you need it most.
  • Get a sense of motion in static-based scenes or backgrounds. This is especially beneficial to progressive campaigns.
  • Give your audience a better depth of information that might be lost in the projection, by replacing the dimension of depth with time.


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Defining the Depth of Field in Images Through Professional Outsourcing

At BackOffice Pro, we not only have all of the photo editing software and tools at our disposal, but our image editing specialists are highly trained, and each output comes with in-depth experience and attention to detail, regardless of the project size and requirements. Let us assist you with the requirements, creating images that depict your visions and provide a deeply profound impact. Contact BackOffice Pro today to outsource Depth of Field Services to India.