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BackOffice Pro (BOP) is a graphic design back office support provider in India providing back office support to graphic design companies, design studios etc, across the globe.

If you have insufficient designers on hand, outsource to us and let our animators work with your internal team, quickly and cost-effectively. Our animators use the latest 3D technology and create impressive cinemagraphs that are a compelling take on the traditional animated GIF. Perfect for use in websites, emails and campaign banners, our cinemagraphs designed to create drama and hike advertising.

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Cinemagraph Creation Services We Offer

BackOffice Pro’s cinemagraph creation services are affordable and include the following:

Cinemagraph Creation

BOP creates unique "moving pictures" that surprise and delight viewers. Our cinemagraph team designs customized cinemagraphs for an entire digital marketing campaign. We can animate either the entire background or only a small object.

Cinemagraph Editing

BackOffice Pro fine-tunes existing cinemagraphs via an intensive editing process. For example, we remove blemishes and correct exposures as needed.

Cinemagraph Trimming

As slow load times can lose viewers, BOP produces cinemagraphs with the right length. We achieve the best viewership balance between load speeds, and quality using an effective trimming process.

Cinemagraph Looping

BackOffice Pro ensures your cinemagraph is looped properl and plays seamlessly while watching. This avoids potential confusion when the movement does not repeat.

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Cinemagraph Creation Skillsets at BackOffice Pro

At BOP, we have a team of qualified animators skilled in cinemagraph creation (still photos that "move" with subtle motion). Our cinemagraphs serve as moving photos, and pieces of artwork that seek to capture a fleeting moment in time. At BOP, our animators have the following skillsets:

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Skills Sets
Film Clapper
  • Skilled animators with a Degree in Fine Arts and a minimum of 2-5 years of experience in animation
  • Knowledge of Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and good knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro, 3DS Max, Maya
  • Able to show motion in a portion of the frame to focus on a specific movement, resulting in a very compelling looped animation.
  • Able to create unique characters for each project
  • Able to demonstrate skills in concept and design development, with the ability to visualize ideas and create visual styles for production.
  • Able to create compelling narratives, and motion graphics based on written scripts or input from project leaders
  • Well versed in animation software specifically Adobe Flash
  • Able to distill animation requirements and ideas and oversee the design and animation processes from concept to delivery
  • Proven past working experience in Flash animation services
  • Knowledge of current design trends and a good team player
  • Ability to create each frame of the animated gif individually
  • A flexible attitude, able to adapt to a growing team as well as demanding business needs

Benefits of Outsourcing with BackOffice Pro

  • Avoid Creating Faulty Cinemagraphs BackOffice Pro helps you avoid the need for expensive cinemagraph software that frequently uses automated filters, fails to loop or compress files properly, and resembles a boring animated GIF image.
  • Better Billboard Marketing Campaigns BackOffice Pro allows you to upgrade from simple billboards to effective digital billboards, using captivating cinemagraphs.
  • Create Effective Product Photo Catalogs Our cinemagraphs serve as high-end sales tools, that derive maximum results from potential consumers.
  • Impact Website Visitors Outsourcing cinemagraph creation to BOP can help you produce web content that attract website viewers and potential buyers).
  • Increase Social Media Sharing Our unique and "catchy" images frequently provide the right mix for "going viral" on social media platforms.

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