Engineering Services Pricing

We offer a full range of engineering services designed to match the specific needs of your firm. Whether you need CAD conversion, 3D rendering or retail space planning, we offer a range of solutions and pricing structures to match your specific needs. Contact us today to learn about engineering services pricing for your business.

Base Engineering Services Pricing

Pricing for engineering services from BackOffice Pro is based on a number of factors, including the complexity of the task, the number of resources and tools needed to complete the task and the duration of the task performed. Depending on what type of services you need and the scope of the project, we can provide a specific estimate for your next project.

Per Task Rates

Below are our rates for each of the following tasks. Keep in mind that these are the starting rates, and final estimates may vary depending on the scope and size of your project.

  • CAD
    CAD conversion rates starts at $7* per hour.
  • Building
    Information Modeling:
    We offer a full range of building information modeling services, with rates starting at $7* per hour.
  • 3D
    Our 3D rendering services are available in a number of forms, with rates starting at $7* per hour.
  • Retail Space
    If you need retail space planning services, our rates start at $7* per hour.
  • Reverse
    For internal or external reverse engineering services, our rates starting at $7* per hour.
  • Finite Element
    Depending on the scope and depth of the finite element analysis needed, our rates starts at $7* per hour.

Full Time Equivalent Rates

Available for some of the services listed above, full-time equivalent rates allow you to hire an engineering services provider for a full month. These monthly rates vary depending on the specific services and tasks needed, and can be scaled to the number of individuals you need on a monthly basis. Keep in mind these rates are for a full month of service. The full-time equivalent rate for an engineering services staff member is $1,400.

Engineering Services Pricing Matched to Your Needs

Whether you need development of new 3D renderings or reverse engineering for an existing product in your library, contact BackOffice Pro today to learn more about our full range of engineering services and the engineering services pricing that we offer. We can provide for you an immediate estimate or discuss your needs in greater depth.