Outsource Real Estate Photo Editing

Back Office Pro (BOP), the world’s back office supporting real estate photo firms through periods where the influx of available listings and the accompanying images are too much for in-house editing team to bear. Back Office Pro provides access to offshore real estate photo editing support to ease the burden, both in terms of productivity and financial output. BOP’s real estate photo editing professionals are highly skilled and flexible, applying their “eye for design” to both commercial and residential property images.

BOP assembles custom teams for each project. We ensure that you have access to a real estate photo editing support team that will transform a simple image into something that will catch any property mogul’s eye. We can assist you by editing commercial or residential property photographs (whether for sale or for rent) as well as editing floor plan photography and three dimensional (3D) visualizations.

Real Estate Photo Editing Skillsets at Back Office Pro

Our professionals are available on a need basis (Hourly) or permanent or contract (FTE), and offer the following necessary skill sets:

  • Combined experience with photography, photojournalism, photographic techniques, digital editing, color composition, multimedia, visual media, production, or studio management
  • Outstanding experience with all major photo editing tools: Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw & Lightroom
  • Strong working experience with multiple HDR and panorama stitching software applications: Kolor Autopano, Gigapano, Panoweaver, Photomatix and others.
  • The ability to complete flawless real-estate-specific photo editing operations: editing RGB/CMYK color profiles, HDR and 360° panoramas, still image enhancement, image stitching
  • Proficient in correcting common shoot-related flaws: under and over exposure adjustments, removal of photographer or flash light from reflective surfaces
  • Skilled in virtual additions or object removals

Real Estate Photo Editing Services We Offer

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  • 360° Panoramas Back Office Pro (BOP), a leading outsourcing...
  • Sky Change No matter how talented and professional your...
  • Floor Plan Conversions Real Estate sales are all about vision. You need...

Benefits of Outsourcing with Back Office Pro

Our outsourced real estate photo editing services offer the following benefits:

  • Access to a large number of real estate photo editing experts, each equipped with their own variety of skills and talents, as described above
  • A dedicated real estate photo editing support team, working round the clock in order to meet tight deadlines
  • Images edited and retouched with the latest software (Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw & Lightroom, as well as specific HDR and panorama tools) to ensure the best possible results
  • A professional workflow, based on complex digital asset management tools such as Adobe Bridge
  • A team with a focused experience within the real-estate photo editing market will ensure the client benefits not only from their technical expertise, but also from current market trends, industry know-how, and the combined input of all our previous clients
  • Constant opportunities for client feedback; ensuring top quality editing every step of the way
  • Drastically improve the output of beautifully edited photographs without straining your budget
  • Images delivered in several formats, according to the client’s requests (including JPEG, TIFF, CAD Drawings, DXG and DWF drawing files, and PSD)
  • All our real estate photo editors are detail-oriented, driven by results, and responsive; displaying the ability to perform in a challenging and demanding environment

Our Outsourcing Process for Image Editing

Our outsourcing process is designed to simplify outsourcing, ensuring that your needs are met without any fuss.

  • Initial Consultation

    During our initial consultation, we ask for a brief overview of your project requirements.

  • We take the time to study your real estate photographs along with your exact photo and retouching specifications. We make sure that your final files are in perfect alignment with their inevitable destination, whether in print or online.

    Project Review
  • Estimation

    To provide an accurate estimation, we will take into consideration the volume of photographs, expected turnaround time, and skill sets required for your specific real estate photo editing project. We will also provide a trial edit in line with your design requirements to ensure that you and our editors are on the same page.

  • Based on the results of the trial, we will provide a pricing estimate. Our FTE editors have a fixed rate, whilst our outsourced workforces for one-time and ongoing projects generate an hourly fee.

    Pricing Estimate
  • Photo Editing

    Professional real estate photo editors will complete the project based on your specifications, starting with general photo touch-ups and ending with more complex conversions and additions.

  • After an internal quality check, the client will receive the edited images.

    Quality Check
  • Final Delivery

    Once our team is satisfied with the quality of the edited images, these are sent directly to the client for final approval.


Want to enjoy the benefits of working with an expert outsourced real estate photo editing support team?

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