Photography Studio in United Kingdom Used Offshoring Model to Enhance 400 High-resolution Images in 3 Days Turnaround

The Client

The Client was a photo studio based in the United Kingdom whose repertoire consisted of unique style of photography and its related services.

The Business Situation

UK being a business hub in the photography industry, the client is always surrounded by massive amounts of work in the form of image submissions on a daily basis, which it further processed and augments. The job includes services and editing related to nature, family and children portraits. The job needed covering these vast niches and editing the photos submitted in a unique, timely and predetermined manner.

According to the client, the right partner would need to consider two main aspects:

  • The team should be able to manage the increased amount of workload that the client could foresee coming its way
  • The team would also need to understand the particular style the client was known for, so as to be able to provide services that strictly stuck to that style and format

The Back Office Pro Solution

To demonstrate the quality of our services we offered the client a free trial service where it was a two way learning experience – the client witness what our designers, editors and animators were capable of while it was a chance for us to know the client’s style of work and study and analyze it.

Initially, for the first two months, the client let us handle part of their entire set of assignments, but after that period, once the client was convinced we could handle more, we were given the responsibility to handle the entire bulk of the work, which was about 200-400 high quality images every week. And unlike other studios, who would take weeks to handle this, we did it in 3 days straight, every single time, thus giving our client an added edge over its rivals.

The Result

The client benefitted from our services in a multitude of ways:

  • Our rates were competitive especially in terms of the high-quality services offered
  • We effectively used the time in figuring out the unique style of the client
  • Our turnaround time beats all competition out of the water
  • Our reputation as leading providers of offshore editing services shined through and the client’s own business grew because of that


Our work with the client is an ongoing venture and we look forward to continuing this relationship forward.

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