How Outsourcing Process Works

When you want to widen the performance gap between your company and your competitors, you do what most world-class companies do—leverage technology and business best practices. That means you take the help of a business process outsourcing (BPO) partner like Back Office Pro.

Partnering us not only helps you get financial and business windfalls, it helps with efficiencies and cost saving. Let us now take you through a tour of how outsourcing works from the initial request to final delivery and everything in between. At every stage of the process we hold your hand so you only get the best customer service.

Here Is How Outsourcing Works

Full-time Equivalents

  • Your
    Tell us about your outsourcing plans
  • Project Scope
    Our subject matter experts will analyze the project scope and understand your goals
  • Quotation Business Development Manager will contact you with a quote (If needed consulting for first-time outsourcers)
  • Solution
    A detailed solution is drafted to maximize operational efficiency (optional for one-time projects)
  • Drafting
    of Contract Agreements
    Contract agreements including Work Orders and non-disclosure agreements are drafted for authorization
  • Subject
    Matter Experts
    Subject Matter Experts are assigned to work with client for knowledge transfer (optional for one-time projects)
  • Technology
    & Infrastructure (Internal)
    Information Technology and Infrastructure Managers are notified to enable resource transition (not applicable for one-time projects)
  • Transition
    Documentation (internal)
    Business Heads plan and document process transition phases (not applicable for one-time projects)
  • 1st Phase
    Trial & Transition
    1st phase project transition – testing and managing ramp-ups (not applicable for one-time projects)
  • Reporting
    & Billing
    Productivity reporting and billing

If you’re looking to outsource for the first time, then now is the time to get started. Try for yourself to see what benefits outsourcing brings with it. Get in touch with us to profit from our expertise.